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Remeber, homes need yearly home-owner maintence to really make them last and shine. A well cared for home is easy to spot on any block. There are plenty of sites on the web to help create your checklist for every season to keep your home in greate shape!

Maintenance-Free Homes! What's Included?

Right now you may be asking, exactly what is a maintenance-free home? Our maintenance-free home-types include townhomes, paired villas, single family villas, and condominiums. All homes do require yearly maintenance by the home owner and you should always follow a scheduled checklist of seasonal items for both the exterior and interior of your home. The good news is the exterior materials of your new Olthof Home were selected to provide years of lasting durability to minimize the required upkeep. And with a maintenance-free home, we have alleviated some of that additional work, so you can focus on enjoying life!

So what does Maintenance-Free Home Owners Association cover? (could vary by community)
  • Common area landscaping, ponds, green areas, walking trails, etc. including
    • mulching, weeding, cutting, fertilization, pruning, and any irrigation
  • Multi-unit only roof replacement from normal wear as required
  • Gutter cleaning (once a year)
  • Lawn mowing, trimming, mulching, and fertilization as required by community
  • Lawn irrigation systems were applicable
  • Clubhouse cleaning and building maintenance where applicable
  • Landscape weeding (once a month during summer)
  • Enforcement of Community Guidelines
  • Routine exterior painting and staining as required per community
  • Community gazebos, park equipment, and entrance marker maintenance
  • Rear garage service lane asphalt repairs
  • Snow removal on driveways, public walks, service walks, and rear garage service lanes only when snowfall is greater than 2" and snow has stopped
    • Streets are the responsibilty of the towns
    • All rear patios are the responsibility of the owners
  • Maintaining street, park, and entrance marker lighting